This year in 2024, we are gathering in multiple locations around the world in the month of May to encounter God in worship and in the Word – join us for an amazing time together!

If you are registering as a mother and youth daughter (Saints) combination for the event, contact your local pastor or your youth pastor for a special promo code!

Pastor Jemima Varughese is married to Mark Varughese and together, they lead Kingdomcity, a vibrant and expanding global church. She pioneers the Beautiful movement globally and is passionate about raising the younger generations to be fearless and filled with purpose. In ministry, she has written, produced, and directed in-depth curriculums for youth and for kids that are being taught worldwide. As she moves between the stage and the director's chair, she preaches with authority, leads with anointing, and is mom to two energetic and creative sons, Zeke and Caleb.